Online Ph.D Continuation Of Registration Closed
1. All Ph.D candidates should register for Continuation of  Registration every year upto submission of  theThesis on or before September  30,2019 with registration Fees  Rs. 1000
2. All the candidates who have registered Ph.D before April 2019 must Register the Continuation of Registration.
3. All the candidates who have failed to register for Continuation of Registration for previous year can register now by paying the previous year fees and current year fees (ie Rs 1000+ Rs 1000)
4. Students should submit the hardcopy of Ph.D Continuation Registration along with online payment slip , Attendance certificate(FULL TIME) and six month  progress report and  minutes of doctoral committee meeting to University
5.If you have already registered for last year (2018 or 2019) your email id is user id, your mobile number is password For newly registering candidates select new registration and then proceed
6.Fee exemption for SC / ST candidates, Attached attested copy of Community Certificate