Syllabus and Model Question Paper [2019-2020]

10001M.A. - Ancient History And Archaeology View
10009M.A. - Defence And Strategic Studies View
10019M.A. - Economics View
10023M.A. - International Relations View
10028M.A. - Political Science View
10029M.A. - Public Administration View
10037M.A. - Sociology View
10043M.A. - Journalism And Communication View
10045M.A. - Tamil Studies View
11001M.L. - International Law and Organisation View
11002M.L. - Constitutional Law and Legal Order View
11003M.L. - Constitutional Law and Legal Order (Self-Supportive) View
11004M.L. - International Law and Organisation (Self Supportive) View
12001M.J. - Masters in Journalism-Online Media (Self-Supportive) View
13001M.Com. - International Business And Finance View
15001M.Tech. - M.Tech. Geoinformatics View
30004M.Sc. - Actuarial Science (Self-Supportive) View
30005M.Sc. - Advanced Biochemistry View
30006M.Sc. - Analytical Chemistry View
30007M.Sc. - Applied Geography View
30008M.Sc. - Biomedical Genetics View
30012M.Sc. - Criminology and Criminal Justice Science View
30013M.Sc. - Cyber Forensics And Information Security View
30014M.Sc. - Computer Science (Self-Supportive) View
30018M.Sc. - Applied Geology View
30021M.Sc. - Inorganic Chemistry View
30022M.Sc. - Mathematics View
30023M.Sc. - Mathematics (Self-Supportive) View
30026M.Sc. - Neuroscience (Self-Supportive) View
30027M.Tech. - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology View
30028M.Sc. - Organic Chemistry View
30029M.Sc. - Physical Chemistry View
30030M.Sc. - Physics (Nuclear Physics) View
30031M.Sc. - Physics (Theoretical Physics) View
30033M.Sc. - Statistics View
30037M.Sc. - Anatomy (3 Years) View
30040M.Sc. - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology View
30041M.Sc. - Counselling Psychology View
30043M.Sc. - Counselling Psychology (Self-Supportive) View
30045M.Sc. - Information Technology with Specialization in Network Systems (Self-Supportive) View
30048M.Sc. - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (Self Supportive) View
31004E.M.B.A - Executive Master Of Business Administration (Emba) Program (Only For Executives) View
31027M.Tech. - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (Self Supportive) View
50029P.G. Diploma - Counselling And Psychotherapy (Self Supportive) View
90008M.Phil. - Biochemistry View
90012M.Phil. - Communication View
90013M.Phil. - Computer Science View
90017M.Phil. - Economics View
90034M.Phil. - Mathematics View
90049M.Phil. - Tamil Studies View
90058M.Phil. - Women's Studies View
90059M.Phil. - Counselling Psychology View