Orientation/Refresher/Short-term Courses
Name of the Courses Courses Status 
Orientation Programme –Batch -137Orientation Programmes (OP)Course Completed---
Orientation Programme –Batch -138Orientation Programmes (OP)Course Completed---
Orientation Programme –Batch -139Orientation Programmes (OP)Admission Closed---
Orientation Programme –Batch -140Orientation Programmes (OP)Admission Closed---
Commerce & Management -VIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
English Language & Literature-XXIIIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Tamil Language & Literature-XXVRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Economics - XVIIIRefresher Courses (RC)Admission Closed---
History & Tourism - VIIIRefresher Courses (RC)Admission Closed---
Physical Education and Yoga-VIIRefresher Courses (RC)Admission Closed---
Physics-XXIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Chemistry-XXVIIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Mathematics-XXXIIIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Botany-XIIRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Library and Information Sciences-IVRefresher Courses (RC)Course Completed---
Interaction Programme for Ph.D / Post-doctoral Students-IIIRefresher Courses (RC)Admission Open
Teacher Educator - IIRefresher Courses (RC)Admission Open
Applied Social Science -X (Interdisciplinary)Inter-Disciplinary Refresher CoursesAdmission Closed---
Environment Sciences - XVIIIInter-Disciplinary Refresher CoursesCourse Completed---
Computer Science and Information Technology - IX (Interdisciplinary)Inter-Disciplinary Refresher CoursesCourse Completed---
Biomedical Sciences (MD*-Non clinical basic medical Sciences) - I (Interdisciplinary)Inter-Disciplinary Refresher CoursesAdmission Closed---
National Workshop on MOOCs, e-content development and Open Educational Sources (7 days)Short-term CoursesCourse Completed---
National Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (7days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
National Workshop on Disaster Management & Climate Change (7 days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
National Workshop on Gender Sensitization (7 days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
National Workshop for Academic Administrators on Academic Leadership (7 days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
Principal’s Meet( Two days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
Training Programme for Non-teaching Staff (5 days)Short-term CoursesAdmission Open
  • All the above programmes will be conducted by adhering with the HRDC Guidelines of UGC, New Delhi.
  • This is a tentative schedule subject to change without prior notice. Intake restricted to 40 participants, therefore advised to apply at the earliest with necessary fee Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) in favor of ‘Director, UGC-HRDC, University of Madras’
  • The selection list and admission letter will be up-loaded on the website.