University Departments Provisional Selection and waiting list
for the year 2018-2019 DegreeDepartment Selection listWaiting_list
1 M.A. Bharathanatyam (Self-Supportive) View---
2 M.A. Buddhism View---
3 M.A. Christian Scriptures View---
4 M.A. Defence And Strategic Studies ViewView
5 M.A. Econometrics ViewView
6 M.A. Economics (Indian Economics) View---
7 M.A. Financial Economics ViewView
8 M.A. French ViewView
9 M.A. Historical Studies View---
10 M.A. Human Resources Management View---
11 M.A. Indian Music View---
12 M.A. Indian Philosophy View---
13 M.A. International Relations ViewView
14 M.A. Jaina Studies View---
15 M.A. Journalism And Communication ViewView
16 M.A. Kannada View---
17 M.A. Political Science ViewView
18 M.A. Public Administration ViewView
19 M.A. Saiva Siddhanta, Saiva Agamas and Pannirutirumurai Classics View---
20 M.A. Sanskrit View---
21 M.A. Sociology View---
22 M.A. Women's Studies View---
23 M.Sc. Advanced Biochemistry ViewView
24 M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry View---
25 M.Sc. Applied Geology ViewView
26 M.Sc. Biophysics ViewView
27 M.Sc. Biotechnology ViewView
28 M.Sc. Botany ViewView
29 M.Sc. Counselling Psychology ViewView
30 M.Sc. Counselling Psychology (Self-Supportive) ViewView
31 M.Sc. Criminology and Criminal Justice Science ViewView
32 M.Sc. Cyber Forensics And Information Security View---
33 M.Sc. Cyber Forensics And Information Security (Self Supportive) View---
34 M.Sc. Geology ViewView
35 M.Sc. Human Resource Development Psychology ViewView
36 M.Sc. Human Resource Development Psychology (Self-Supportive) View---
37 M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry View---
38 M.Sc. Mathematics ViewView
39 M.Sc. Mathematics (Self-Supportive) ViewView
40 M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry View---
41 M.Sc. Medical Microbiology (3 Years) ViewView
42 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry View---
43 M.Sc. Photonics and Bio-Photonics View---
44 M.Sc. Physics (Theoretical Physics) View---
45 M.Sc. Statistics View---
46 M.Sc. Yoga View---
47 M.Sc. Zoology (Special) ViewView
48 M.J. Masters in Journalism-Online Media (Self-Supportive) ViewView
49 M.Ed. Education View---
50 M.L. Constitutional Law and Legal Order View---
51 M.Tech. M.Tech. Geoinformatics View---
52 M.Phil. Applied Geology View---
53 M.Phil. Botany ViewView
54 M.Phil. Christian Studies View---
55 M.Phil. Communication ViewView
56 M.Phil. Counselling Psychology ViewView
57 M.Phil. Economics ViewView
58 M.Phil. Education ViewView
59 M.Phil. Human Resource Management View---
60 M.Phil. International Relations ViewView
61 M.Phil. Jaina Studies View---
62 M.Phil. Mathematics ViewView
63 M.Phil. Organic Chemistry View---
64 M.Phil. Physical Education and Yoga View---
65 M.Phil. Political Science ViewView
66 M.Phil. Psychology ViewView
67 M.Phil. Public Administration ViewView
68 M.Phil. Saiva Siddhanta View---
69 M.Phil. Sanskrit ViewView
70 M.Phil. Scientific Instrumentation ViewView
71 M.Phil. South And Southeast Asian Studies View---
72 M.Phil. Telugu ViewView
73 M.Phil. Vaishnavism View---
74 M.Phil. Women's Studies ViewView
75 M.Phil. Zoology ViewView
76 P.G.Diploma COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (Self Supportive) View---