Syllabus and Model Question Paper

10001M.A. - Ancient History And Archaeology View
10042M.A. - English View
10043M.A. - Journalism And Communication View
12001M.J. - Masters in Journalism-Online Media (Self-Supportive) View
14001M.Ed. - Education View
15001M.Tech. - M.Tech. Geoinformatics View
30004M.Sc. - Actuarial Science (Self-Supportive) View
30006M.Sc. - Analytical Chemistry View
30007M.Sc. - Applied Geography View
30012M.Sc. - Criminology and Criminal Justice Science View
30013M.Sc. - Cyber Forensics And Information Security View
30014M.Sc. - Computer Science (Self-Supportive) View
30021M.Sc. - Inorganic Chemistry View
30022M.Sc. - Mathematics View
30023M.Sc. - Mathematics (Self-Supportive) View
30028M.Sc. - Organic Chemistry View
30029M.Sc. - Physical Chemistry View
30033M.Sc. - Statistics View
30040M.Sc. - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology View
30041M.Sc. - Counselling Psychology View
90002M.Phil. - Ancient History and Archaeology View
90007M.Phil. - Arabic View
90012M.Phil. - Communication View
90013M.Phil. - Computer Science View
90019M.Phil. - English View
90029M.Phil. - International Relations View
90034M.Phil. - Mathematics View
90039M.Phil. - Political Science View
90042M.Phil. - Public Administration View
90053M.Phil. - Urdu View
90057M.Phil. - Education View
90058M.Phil. - Women's Studies View
90059M.Phil. - Counselling Psychology View