Return form (Form - A) and Change of Staff Form (Form - B) should be submitted for shift I and shift II separately, including temporary staff.  
In the Return of Staff (Form-A), only the names of such members of the staff who are working on that date viz., 1st August of the year, should be included. Post vacant on the date should be shown as vacant. If the posts are filled up after the date, they should not be included in the return, but the fact should be separately reported in the usual return as to Change of staff form (Form-B).
Include Medical Officer, etc., under the head Other Staff.
As Form A is the basis for the consideration of the claims of teachers in regard to appointments in examining bodies, etc., exact details should be provided after due verification from the teachers concerned, if necessary, and approved by the Principal.
With regard to academic qualifications, all particulars should be furnished without any omission for proper scrutiny.
With regard to hours of work, service in tutorial institution, prior appointment in an affiliated or an approved college should not be included for teaching experience.
Information regarding the hours of work for the particular subject taught by each member should be given and is important for calculation of work load.
When a person is appointed to a permanent post, but not yet confirmed, the return should show that the person is on probation. If, as against a permanent vacancy, a contract for short term appointment is entered into which any member of the staff, it should be shown as temporary, together with the period of appointment and the reasons therefor should be stated.